Wedding music vendor in Gauteng and Western Cape

Urban Strings’ artists have been entertaining wedding couples and their guests since 2003, performing at exquisite venues nationwide such as Boschendal, VergelegenHaute Cabrière Mount Nelson, Le JardinLourensfordMemoire, Shepstone Gardens, Oakfield Farm, Inimitable and many more.

With many years of experience we have put together an extensive and unique repertoire to suit the atmosphere of every wedding.

We offer a variety of options, ranging from solo musicians to a traditional string quartet. We pay attention to detail and love being part of any wedding.


Larah Eksteen



Urban Strings Wedding Playlist


Violin & Cello/Double Bass

A lively interactive option with two performers in which both have equal importance. The contrast between the rich lower tones and bright violin melodies blends perfectly.


Violin, Viola & Cello

These classically trained professionals have performed at exquisite venues nationwide such as BoschendalVergelegenHaute Cabrière, Le Jardin, Mount Nelson,  MemoireShepstone GardensOakfield FarmInimitable and many more.


Quartet, Quintet & Orchestra

Choose the traditional favourite, a string quartet, or add more instruments for an epic sound. We can arrange for string orchestras and bigger bands that include brass, woodwind and percussion.


Solo Violin or Cello

This option is best suited for a formal intimate setting. Lovely in an enclosed acoustic setup or alternatively if you prefer a subtle background performance. The hint of violin melodies will create just the right amount of ambience

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